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News items prior to 2000 will refer to our former name: Blueridge Technologies, Inc. Same great company, same great product, same great people.

NOTE: Links on some of the older releases may be broken or out of date.

October 8, 2002
mindwrap's OPTIX® Powers Customer Support for Weir Slurry

August 20, 2002
mindwrap Partners with Integral

July 2, 2002
mindwrap's OPTIX Available on GSA

February 8, 2002
mindwrap Enters 15th Year

October 1, 2001
mindwrap to Demo Optix® Advantages to Education

May 1, 2001
mindwrap Releases Optix® Version 6

March 20, 2001
mindwrap Releases Optix® DIVA a document vault applicance for small offices and departments

January 1, 2001
mindwrap adds wireless handheld support to Optix® repositories

August 9, 2000
XYZFind Corp. Inks OEM Contract with mindwrap, inc.

Following releases as Blueridge Technologies.

August 10, 1999
Northwest Airlines Completes OPTIX® Installation Manuals on-line for 15,000 maintenance personnel

May 13, 1999
OPTIX®, First EDMS for Linux OS

May 12, 1998
Blueridge releases latest upgrade for OptixWEB--OptixWEB WORKFLOW.

July 14, 1997
Northwest Airlines Selects OPTIX Document Management System.

June 9, 1997
The Washington Post Selects OPTIX Document Management System.

March 3, 1997
Blueridge announces that the OPTIX Document Management System now offers an advanced foldering interface.

December 2, 1996
Blueridge unveils new automation tool for high-volume scanning environments.

November 11, 1996
High-speed microfilm scanning solution offered for both Macintosh and Windows workstations.

October 22, 1996
OPTIX is now available on a GSA schedule.

October 1, 1996
Blueridge adds next generation text retrieval from Excalibur.

September 9, 1996
Blueridge announces support for TWAIN compliant scanners.

August 19, 1996
Blueridge announces support for Vidar large format scanners.

August 7, 1996
Blueridge announces world's first cross-platform scanner interface board.

July 15, 1996
Blueridge announces OPTIX AIR - the first document imaging system for aircraft maintenance records.

July 1, 1996
Blueridge offers the first scriptable and recordable document management system for the Macintosh.

June 3, 1996
Blueridge and Fujitsu offer industrial-strength document scanning solution to businesses with both Macintosh and Windows workstations.

May 24, 1996
Metters buys Blueridge Technologies; creates new powerhouse in the document management industry.

April 29, 1996
OPTIX® adds cross-platform annotation and markup features for both Macintosh and Windows.

April 1, 1996
Blueridge unveils OPTIX® 5.0 - the first industrial strength document management system optimized for Macintosh, Windows, and the Internet.

February 12, 1996
Blueridge ports industrial-strength document management server to Windows NT®

January 29, 1996
Blueridge adds hyperlinks to the leading document imaging system for the Macintosh.

January 22, 1996
New Haven Unified School District chooses OPTIX®

January 8, 1996
Blueridge announces OPTIX® Database Publisher.

December 18, 1995
Blueridge ports OPTIX® to DEC Alpha®

December 11, 1995
Federal Express chooses OPTIX®

December 4, 1995
Blueridge details plans for OptixWEB.

November 17, 1995
Blueridge unveils the first dual-storage COLD system.

November 13, 1995
Blueridge adds UNIX and SQL platforms to OPTIX®

May 1, 1995
Blueridge announces cross-platform OPTIX WORKFLOW®

September 1, 1994
Blueridge adds graphical route tool to OPTIX WORKFLOW®

November 10, 1993
Blueridge releases Windows client for OPTIX® Network.

May 1, 1993
Blueridge announces OPTIX WORKFLOW®

April 27, 1993
Blueridge announces OPTIX® 4.0.

January 15, 1993
Blueridge unveils the first natural language text search system.


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