Convert your space-wasting paper into a secure, valuable resource.  Index your documents using screens that you create in minutes with our easy screen designer.

Scan from any Mac or Windows workstation.  Watch your filecabinets melt away!

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Streamline the efficiency of your organization by automating your business practices. Route a single document or a folder of documents through users and groups using rules that you specify.

Use our easy route-building tools to define as many automated procedures as you need.

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We specialize in serious Mac-based solutions. From five to over a thousand users, complete with high-speed scanning, indexing, and workflow.

We offer all-Mac solutions using the Firebird open source RDBMS on Apple servers, while providing options for other enterprise platforms and databases. Our Cocoa-native applications provide unsurpassed performance and functionality.

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Our customer base is very broad, we
service a wide range of industries


Running a business requires documents and the efficient flow of information throughout an organization. Optix's proven flexibility makes it ideal for meeting the wide variety of challenges faced by today's industry. Perhaps you need to manage the flow of products between creative teams like Hallmark Cards, manage land records like State of Maryland or improve your customer service like Weir Slurry.

Regardless of how challenging or diverse your needs may be, there is an Optix system that will help you leverage your information and place it in front of exactly the right people at exactly the right time.

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Since 1988, Optix has helped institutions across the country solve their document management nightmares, seamlessly merging paper scanning, electronic forms, legacy databases, and custom workflow solutions that place critical documents in front of exactly the right people at just the right time. No more missing or misfiled folders, no wasted labor - and no piles of folders to manage.

Running a K-12 school district requires managing a lot of information for your students and your teachers - information that must be updated frequently. Ensuring that this data is maintained properly in a secure environment that is easily accessible to authorized users is the perfect job for Optix.

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Since the 1970's our founders have been intimately involved in the design and development of both large and small projects for government. The US Patent and Trademark Office uses mindwrap to develop and maintain custom solutions for scanning and processing patent and trademark documents and tapes. The State of Maryland uses Optix at the county level to automate the processing of land records. And Optix is in use in many local governments to help manage such things as employee retirement records and budgetary documents.

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