About Mindwrap

Mindwrap, Inc. is a software development company with a rich heritage in providing solutions that harness more than 70% of a company's information.

Our flagship product, Optix, is a highly-scalable application that allows users to rapidly deploy hybrid solutions that unite legacy, paper-based, and pure digital information for competitive advantage. It allows you to capture, store, organize, share, and easily use computer files of any type, scanned paper documents and images, and even audio and video content. More importantly, Optix empowers your organization by providing a fast and easy way to find and retrieve your documents whenever and wherever you need them.

Our products are engineered to install quickly and begin paying back immediately. Optix supports the widest range of operating systems - including Macintosh, Windows, UNIX, and Linux and integrates seamlessly with Oracle, SQL Server, Sybase, or Informix.

From small departments to the large global enterprise, there is a Mindwrap solution for you. All of our customers receive the mindwrap promise of superior installation assistance as well as close, on-going customer support.



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