Mindwrap Ports Optix to Mac OS X Server

Mindwrap announced today the port of version 6 of their Optix Server to Apple Computer’s Mac OS X Server operating system, available for use on the latest Macintosh G4 and rack-mountable XServe. The new port joins Mindwrap’s ongoing support for several other Unix and Linux server platforms. Mindwrap’s existing native Mac OS X client works perfectly with the new server, allowing a 100% Apple system implementation at the workgroup, department, or enterprise level. Mindwrap anticipates release in summer 2003
All Optix systems are fully cross-platform with native high-speed scanning support available at any Macintosh or Windows client. Optix workstations also feature image enhancement, form design and processing, barcode recognition, patch cards, and a full set of interactive tools for designing GUI-based indexing and query screens as well as complex workflow routes. In addition to images, the client can store and index any document or file found on the desktop. The Optix Mac client is fully scriptable using AppleScript, allowing users to easily customize its operation and integrate it with third party applications such as OCR.

According to Craig Landrum, Mindwrap’s CTO, “Apple’s Xserve is the perfect platform for Optix, employing dual 1.33 Ghz CPUs and up to 2.5 terabytes of hot-swappable Xserve RAID. Its fast response, high storage capacity, and redundant RAID options are exactly what is needed to drive our document management, imaging, and workflow system.”

Delivered as a fully functional and highly integrated solution, Optix is typically much faster to deploy than complicated “toolkits” that require extensive and costly development. Installation and training times are usually measured in days instead of months. Optix empowers system administrators and end users with a rich set of easy-to-use tools to quickly create and deploy new, secure applications. Optional modules support web-based query, viewing, and workflow operations.



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