Mindwrap Deploys 100% Mac OS X-based Document Management System

If you are an all-Mac department responsible for managing millions of pages of critical retirement documentation, who do you call? For the San Joaquin County (CA) Employee’s Retirement Association (SJCERA), you call on Mindwrap and its all-Mac enterprise-level Optix Document Management and Workflow System. “We deploy racks of XServes and a variety of Power Mac G4s and Powerbooks, all running Mac OS X, and we didn’t want to compromise on that environment”, said Richard Rogers, IT Manager for SJCERA. “Our three key criteria were security, reliability, and usability, and Optix received straight A’s across the board.”
The installed system uses Fujitsu M4097 duplex scanners to quickly input the wide variety of member documents. Optix’s support for bar-coded “patch cards” in input batches provide the ability to change scanner settings automatically on the fly. Thumbnails of each scanned page allow operators to perform initial quality checks in real time.
The Optix Server running on the back-end XServe securely manages the millions of input pages and integrates tightly with Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise (ASE) 12.5. During the week-long installation and training effort, Optix tools provided SJCERA the ability to rapidly design and deploy custom indexing screens and databases. “We were very impressed with the instant feedback this provided”, said Robert Palmer, Retirement Administrator. “Optix’s ability to quickly customize the user interface to meet technical and end-user requirements was outstanding. They literally built a custom system around us in a week”.
All Optix systems are fully cross-platform with native high-speed scanning support available at any Macintosh or Windows client. Optix workstations also feature image enhancement, form design and processing, barcode recognition, patch cards, and a full set of interactive tools for designing GUI-based indexing and query screens as well as complex workflow routes. In addition to images, the client can store and index any document or file found on the desktop. The Optix Mac client is fully scriptable using AppleScript, allowing users to easily customize its operation and integrate it with third party applications such as OCR.



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