Mindwrap Announces Support for Fujitsu fi-59000C Scanner

Mindwrap, Inc, the leading provider of cross-platform document management and workflow solutions today announced support for Fujitsu’s new top-of-the-line production scanner, the fi-5900C. Scanning in black and white, grayscale, and full color both simplex and duplex at speeds of up to 240 images per minute, the fi-5900C can meet the most demanding document capture requirements. Equipped with ultrasonic feed detection and able to digitize up to 12 x 17 inch documents at 50 to 600 dpi, the fi-5900C comes equipped with a 500 page input hopper and built-in deskew and page cropping.

Optix supports the fi-5900C on Windows and Macintosh clients using either Ultra-wide SCSI or USB 2.0. The scanner is available with optional pre and post-scan imprinters.

According to Craig Landrum, Mindwrap’s CTO, “Fujitsu’s fi-5900C is an outstanding scanner and can digitize paper at breathtaking speeds. If you have piles of paper, this is the scanner that can handle them”.

Mindwrap’s world-class Optix solution, which is in place at top-name educational, commercial, and government organizations, is renowned for its unrivalled support for Macintosh and Windows platforms, rich functionality, ease of use, and rapid deployment. Installation and training times for Optix are usually measured in days instead of months. Optix empowers system administrators and end users with a powerful set of intuitive tools to quickly create and deploy new, secure applications. Optional modules support web-based query, viewing, and workflow operations.



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