Optix 8 Scan Tasks automate document capture and distribution

Mindwrap, inc. – a leading provider of document management and workflow solutions - today announced a major enhancement to its latest Optix 8 client software - Scan Tasks. Employing a revolutionary new XML-based family of drivers targeted primarily at industry-leading Fujitsu™ document scanners, Scan Tasks allow operators to rapidly create custom capture and distribution jobs, producing PDF and multipge TIFF output.

Operators specify scan parameters using a single intuitive interface common across all scanners rather than the variable device-specific interfaces deployed in older industry ISIS and TWAIN drivers. In addition, Destination setups are easily specified targeting FTP sites, indexed Optix document repositories, folders, and workflows, as well as commonly used email addresses, printers, and faxes. Operators drag and drop selected Scanner and Destination setups to quickly create new tasks. Scan Tasks take full advantage of barcoded "patch cards" to perform runtime operations such as document separation and switching between scanning setups. This allows single-click scanning and processing of large batches of variable length documents containing a mixture of scanning requirements.

The use of XML by our scanner drivers and Scan Tasks provides a standardized, cross-platform method for specifying low-level device interface parameters as well as scanner runtime settings. This allows mindwrap to rapidly implement new drivers for both our Macintosh and PC Optix Workstation clients, and allows operators to share commonly used scanners settings.

Future plans call for extending this new technology to support the capture and autoindexing of common desktop files and forms.



Optix 8