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Running a business requires documents and the efficient flow of information throughout an organization. Optix's proven flexibility makes it ideal for meeting the wide variety of challenges faced by today's industry. Perhaps you need to distribute maintenance documents worldwide like Federal Express, or manage the flow of products between creative teams like Hallmark Cards. You could improve your customer service like Weir Slurry, or manage land records like State of Maryland. Regardless of how challenging or diverse your needs may be, there is an Optix system that will help you leverage your information and place it in front of exactly the right people at exactly the right time.

Typically, it's that critical application in your organization that cost-justifies your system. But guess what? Like most of our clients, you'll find that once you install your Optix system, its efficiency and usefulness quickly migrate to other departments, from HR to Accounting to Sales and Marketing and beyond, making them more productive as well. And the reason it's so easy is that you can do it all without paying us a nickel more. When you buy an Optix system you get everything you need to control your own destiny.

Read how a large greeting card manufacturer has benefited from implementing Optix.


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