Solutions for Government

From helping local governments organize city and county resources to managing land records for states to supporting nuclear weapons testing at the Department of Energy, Optix helps all levels of government manage their critical documents and automate their operations. We can assist you in helping to define your requirements, configure your system, deploy your solution, and train your users - and we can meet the most demanding schedules.

Since the 1970's our founders have been intimately involved in the design and development of both large and small projects for government. The US Patent and Trademark Office uses mindwrap to develop and maintain custom solutions for scanning and processing patent and trademark documents and tapes. The State of Maryland uses Optix at the county level to automate the processing of land records. And Optix is in use in many local governments to help manage such things as employee retirement records and budgetary documents.

So, whether you are local, state, or federal, we can configure a solution that will exceed your expectations.



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