Optix COLD

Computer Output to Laser Disk (COLD)


Optix COLD is an Enterprise Report Management (ERM) solution that allows you to transform print files from mainframes and legacy systems into PDFs where they can be accessed throughout your organization. Using the power of a modern document management system you can provide faster access to documents, perform fewer reprints, and automate business processes, all from outside of the "green screen" environment of your mainframe-based accounting, CRM, or ERP system.

Optix COLD allows you to interactively identify regions of one or more print files for indexing and form overlay, creating print-quality PDFs which are then stored centrally and accessed from our Optix Workstation or Optix Web. Once you've identified how to build the PDF documents and what information to use to index and retrieve the documents, Optix COLD will automatically monitor shared folders for new print files that you queue using your mainframe and automatically produce PDFs to your specification. Once produced, they can be routed to multiple users using business rules that you develop in our Optix Workflow product.

By speeding and simplifying key documents such as orders and invoices, you can improve customer service, order turnaround, and even cash flow by integrating your sales, accounting, customer service, and warehouse personnel on a easy-to-use platform.

Product Features

High-volume Archival -- Move mountains of mainframe data onto inexpensive, long-term storage.

Overlay mainframe text onto forms using Optix COLD

Automatic Indexing -- Optix automatically indexes your documents based on the information contained in the documents themselves.

Text Filters -- Exclusive Optix technology supports a wide variety of EBCDIC or ASCII file formats, including those with variable line and page delimiters, fixed line and page lengths, encoded IBM vertical forms control information, and non-printable characters.

Unlimited Storage -- Optix COLD supports optical jukeboxes and RAID of unlimited capacity, from hundreds of gigabytes to terabytes.

Multiple Input Sources -- A single COLD server process can monitor multiple input sources, each with its own rules for parsing, indexing, and document formatting. Your document text can be merged onto any kind of background you desire, including blank backgrounds, scanned images of blank forms, and even color images.

Lightning-Fast Retrieval -- Retrieve any document in a matter of seconds using the indexes the system automatically creates.



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