Optix Fax Director

Automate your incoming Fax processing


Optix Fax Director works with your existing third party fax input software. It monitors folders that you specify for incoming fax files and converts them to TIFF Group IV for the most efficient compression. It can then store the new fax to an Optix index later queue, repository, folder, or workflow. Users can search and view faxes like any other document.

Product Features

  • Monitors one or more folders for new fax files in either STF or TIFF Group III fax format and automatically moves them to Optix.
  • Converts any files found to TIFF Group IV compression, creating Optix collections out of any multi-page faxes.
  • When added to a structured database or workflow, the document may be automatically indexed by current date/time, the name of the original fax file, the number of pages in the fax, or a user-specified string that may be different for each fax input folder being watched.
  • Can run on any Mac or PC.

Download the Optix Fax Director brochure for Mac or PC:



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