Optix Text Search

Find documents based on content


Optix Text Search provides the ability to find documents based on their textual contents. The document source may be anything - a word processing file or a scanned image that has been converted to text using Optical Character Recognition (OCR). Optix keeps both the original source and the pure indexed content and gives you the choice of which to view upon retrieval.

Text Search Query (PC)

Enter a simple word or phrase to begin a search. Search words are automatically reduced to root forms. You can limit the way words are located in a document by specifying an exact phrase (using quotes) or by specifying a word span ("rocket ship within 4"). Invoke fuzzy searching to find documents with misspellings.

Text Search Hitlist (PC)

Results from your query are shown in a hit list ranked by the frequency of search terms found in the document. Select the "Text" button to display pure text with search terms highlighted, or "Open" to view the original document.

Search terms are highlighted in the displayed document. Function keys allow you to move rapidly to the next or previous term, thereby avoiding time-consuming scrolling.

Text Document with hits highlighted (PC)

Optix built-in OCR can convert any scanned TIFF or PDF document to text for indexing into a Text Search database - or use our scripting capabilities to integrate with your favorite third-party OCR application. Our server-based OCR processing and Text Search indexing queues make batch processing of your documents fast and easy.



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