Professional Services


Mindwrap offers a variety of Professional Services to help clients optimize the benefits of their investment in Optix. Each customer presents a unique set of challenges and opportunities to realize operational efficiencies while leveraging their unstructured document resources, and Mindwrap is often called to play a part in the planning, development, or deployment stages. A sampling of the many areas in which we can provide assistance:


Requirements Analysis and Planning – Over time, your business processes have grown organically and changed based expansion, regulatory compliance, competitive pressure, and the adoption of new technologies. For this reason, an in-depth analysis of current procedures and processing steps is often of great benefit when preparing to deploy a new system such as Optix. We have in-depth experience that can assist in documenting your existing processes in preparation for developing new automated workflows or creating new document repositories. Prior to actual system procurement we can help with requirements analysis to form the basis of a Request for Proposal.


Programming and Development - Maybe it's that critical workflow step that must be automated to be cost-effective. Or maybe it's a data entry application that must be keystroke-engineered to the n-th degree to maximize your throughput and ROI. Or perhaps your vision simply exceeds what is currently available off-the-shelf. For whatever reason, the decision to build rather than buy is one that we can help you make.

Since 1979, our senior programming staff has been involved in the development of custom solutions for scanning, document management, and workflow in all areas of business, education, and government. It is highly likely that we have encountered your situation before and can assist you with weighing your alternatives. And if a custom application is the answer, our years of experience with C, C++, Java, Unix, Windows, and Macintosh programming is just the ticket to ensure that we can deliver exactly the right solution to meet your needs.


Customization – Each Optix system is delivered with our groundbreaking Optix Application Generator application that allows system administrators or department supervisors to design and deploy new custom indexed document repositories and automate their existing business practices with new workflows. While our tools are crafted for use by non-technical staff, you may prefer to have us assist you with the design and deployment of the custom aspects of your new Optix system. Our Implementation Specialists will work with you to ensure that the results meet your expectations and goals. Call us to discuss how we can help.


Integration – Most Mindwrap clients are not start-up companies. They have been in business for years and over time have deployed a number of software applications to fill a variety of operational needs. Because one of the goals of deploying an Optix system can be to help automate existing business practices, an Optix Workflow must often be integrated with legacy applications. Another integration area is to document-enable an existing database, where you wish to associate new scanned documents with existing database records. We have helped a large number of our clients meet these challenges, and can help you do the same. Optix has been specifically engineered with “integration points” – places where clients often need to interact with external third-party applications or databases. For example, Optix Workflows can include automated processing steps, represented by custom scripts or small server-based utility applications that handle the details of moving data to and from legacy programs. Our indexing and query screens are customizable using scripts that can perform workstation-based integration “on-the-glass” or add custom user-clickable buttons to retrieve data from external databases and fill Optix indexing fields.


Training - Mindwrap provides both on-site and classroom training for Optix system administrators and end-users. For larger organizations with hundreds or thousands of users,we recommend a "train-the-trainer" approach. Details on our standard courses can be found here.


Mindwrap’s development team has been involved with challenging system integration projects for decades and can assist you in ensuring that your new Optix system integrates seamlessly with your other software and information assets.



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